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Format for final submission of articles:

All contributors should strictly follow the guidelines in the latest edition of MLA Handbook while formatting their articles. The contributors are requested to include the following while formatting their submissions:

1. Full Title of the paper in Times New Roman font, size 14, Bold.[Name of the author/s and affiliation should not written in the Research Paper/Book Review]
2. Name and affiliation of the author/s, title of the paper, along with a declaration that the work is original and that the author will be solely responsible for any controversy arising thereof. That the submission has not been made to any other journal simultaneously [SEPARATE WORD FILE]
3. An abstract of the article in about 200 words with 4/5 keywords along with the Research Paper
4. The Body of the Research article should be neatly structured with an introduction and a conclusion. The conclusion should summarize the findings and the thesis proposed in the article.
5. The type and font in the main body of the article should be in Times New Roman, size 12, justified and Single line spaced. Similarity index should not exceed 10% 
6. Research Articles  should ideally be written about 3000-4000 words (excluding references and works cited). Research articles/papers must contain Works Cited at the end of the article. No footnotes please. And Book Reviews should be written in at least 1500-2500 words.
7. Quotations in languages other than English should be translated and provided at the end of the article as notes.
8. Articles with grammatical errors will be liable for rejection.