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Literary Oracle (ISSN: 2348-4772) is a biannual, double-blind and peer-reviewed interdisciplinary international journal of scholarly publications in the fields of arts, aesthetics, culture and literature. It is indexed in ERIH PLUS and MLA International Bibliography and Directory of Periodicals. It is a Journal of the Department of English Berhampur University published in collaboration with AuthorsPress New Delhi and intends to bring out one general and one special number in a year. The anonymity of the articles and essays will be strictly maintained for peer reviewing and the selection for publication will be made purely on the basis of the experts’ comments. Literary Oracle accepts only original research papers pertaining to literature, language and culture, Book Reviews and original interviews with noted literary and social personalities. LO reviews research paper with similarity index less than 10%. LO is published twice a year; in May and December.

Literary Oracle came to life with the publication of its first issue: Literary Oracle Vol. 1.1 January-June 2014. It aspires to be one of the best of its kind in the field of literature, language and its application. The purpose is exclusively academic and singularly favorable to fostering robust quality in research and publication worldwide. The journal encourages independent thinking and promotes both experienced scholars and budding researchers. It has a competent referral committee and is double blind peer reviewed. The editors are sympathetic towards the new researchers, yet quality is not compromised with. In an era where Humanities is being ignored by the growing greed for technology and market, the publication of Literary Oracle is a bold step to draw attention back to insightful literary criticism. The global scene is vastly multicultural and
culture itself has become multidimensional. Literature too has become a heady mixture of cultures and as a reflection, literary criticism has become interdisciplinary, following which scholars have been drawing heavily from various fields of knowledge to analyses texts and culture thereby making critical analysis a potpourri of ideas. This journal offers space to such theoretical insights in the field of culture and literature.