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of the article ……………………………………….submitted to
”Literary Oracle”

A. Summary assessment of the article :

  • it can be published in its current form
  • it needs to be revised in line with the comments of the reviewer
  • after which it must be reviewed again
  •  after which it does not have to be reviewed again
  •  it cannot be accepted for publication in Literary Oracle because:
  •  it does not meet the criteria of academic writing
  •  it does not make a sufficiently large contribution to the to the literature of the subject
  •  contains significant errors

B. Weaknesses of the article:

1.  it does not specify a research question or a main argument that is being made
2.  opinions that it presents are not sufficiently supported
3.   it does not refer sufficiently to the literature of the subject
4.   it contains significant factual errors
5.   its contribution to the research in the field is marginal
6.   it uses the works of others in inappropriate way
7.   it contains grammatical, stylistics and other writing errors
8.   its title does not correspond to the content
10.   it is too long and contains unnecessary footnotes.


C. Comments:



D. Suggested changes


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