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Table of Contents

Research Paper

Mutual Dependency: The Relationship between William and Dorothy Wordsworth
Rebecca Haque 



DOI Link :: ORACLE/06.2022-56536579/V7.1/MAY2023/A01

Exploring the Burmese Socio-political Scenario through Wendy Law-Yonne’s A Daughter’s Memoir of Burma
Irona Bhaduri 



DOI Link :: ORACLE/06.2022-56536579/V7.1/MAY2023/A02

Structural Violence in Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger
Uttam Poudel 



DOI Link :: ORACLE/06.2022-56536579/V7.1/MAY2023/A03

Translation and Memory: Recovery of the Past in “Face in the Mirror”
Purabi Goswami 



DOI Link :: ORACLE/06.2022-56536579/V7.1/MAY2023/A04

Use of Literature in Learning English and its Effectiveness: A Case Study on the Department of English Students at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST)
Hossain Al Mamun 



DOI Link :: ORACLE/06.2022-56536579/V7.1/MAY2023/A05

Great Expectations in Hard Times: A Reading of John Updike’s Terrorist 
Pradipta Sengupta 



DOI Link :: ORACLE/06.2022-56536579/V7.1/MAY2023/A06

To Be or Not to Be: Cultural Crisis and Politics of Caste in U.R. Anantha Murthy’s Samskara: A Rite for a Dead Man
Shruti Das and Deepshikha Routray



DOI Link :: ORACLE/06.2022-56536579/V7.1/MAY2023/A07

Interrogating Memory in Robin S. Ngangom’s The Desire of Roots
Aditi Jana



DOI Link :: ORACLE/06.2022-56536579/V7.1/MAY2023/A08

Religious and Cultural Significance of the Monasteries in the Rituals and Festivals of Shree Jagannath Temple, Puri
Chinmayee Satpathy 


DOI Link :: ORACLE/06.2022-56536579/V7.1/MAY2023/A09






Dharma and Kama: Coexistence or Precedence?
Deepa Chaturvedi 


DOI Link :: ORACLE/06.2022-56536579/V7.1/MAY2023/A10

Book Reviews

Game of Desire-Review of Annie Ernaux’s Getting Lost
Sibasis Jana

DOI Link :: ORACLE/06.2022-56536579/V7.1/MAY2023/A11

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